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...For the Care of Our Men...

“Big boys don’t cry.” This is a familiar phrase that, all too frequently, is taken to heart. By the time those little boys are men, they’ve learned to quietly cope with pain rather than seeking help. Women understand the tendency to put the family’s health above their own, but women are also more inclined than men to seek medical attention when the need arises. That’s why I’ve created an idea-list for helping your man overcome the obstacles of self-health-care.

  • Two-for-one appointments. Schedule your appointment at the same time. Many doctors specializing in women’s services are now offering male-specific programs. Here’s some in the Oklahoma area: Wilson Wellness, Optimal Health, Shared Wellness

  • Racing the clock. Our boys are always busy! Find a clinic that provides weekend, evening, or early morning appointments. Alternatively, look for a doctor that is near his work and takes lunch-time patients. A few to look into: Ric Corman in Piedmont and Thomason Medical Clinic in Hinton.

  • Peer pressure! Does his best friend have good health habits? Ask for referrals from men in his life.

  • The littles are watching! Remind him that his children or grandchildren are influenced by his example. Start family checkups every August, before school starts. Just because it’s not visible, doesn’t mean that he isn’t silently struggling with diabetes or prostate problems.

  • Be sneaky… Ask for his support. You’re starting a new exercise program or meal plan that you need his help with. There’s no need to let him in on the fact that the new routine is entirely for his benefit. Check out these places to help you get started together The Vitality Mill in Yukon, 9Round Kickboxing, OrangeTheory, and rock climbing at ClimbUp.

  • Touch him. Is he mowing the yard without his hat, or forgetting to put on sunscreen at the lake? Self-checks are an easy way to protect your partners health. A little soft touch goes a long way as you check for skin cancer on his back, neck, and ears. This is my husband’s favorite!

  • Good health = good sex! Its’s a wonderful cycle: good health increases physical performance and mental focus of sexual activity; sexual activity creates endorphins which elevate the mood and destress the body, in turn making healthy habits easier to maintain.

As a wife and mother, I know how difficult it is for my man to take time off work to visit the doctor. Getting to baseball practice, dance recitals, and attempting to have dinner as a family are challenging enough, forget about trying to schedule something as arbitrary as a checkup. But it’s critical! Is there anything special you do to help the men in your life take better care of themselves?

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