• Amanda Baustert

Into Manhood:Road Stops on the Journey

I’m not going to lie, I chose very well in a husband. And, to their credit, both my mom and mother-in-law chose well in their husbands. I am lucky, for the most part, I have been surrounded by good men. Sure, I’ve met some losers -- some lazy-turd, no good, women-hating dummies -- but the chunk of my near-40 years has been sprinkled with honest, hard-working, genuine, admit-when-they’re-wrong, loving men.

As Father’s Day quickly approaches it has me pondering – especially for my own boys – what does it take to be a man? What are some of the quietly respected rituals that my boys will pass through, most likely unbeknownst to me, on their journey into manhood? Here’s my Top 5:

1. To Have Fun: whistle with your fingers, build a paper airplane, skip a rock, throw a football

2. To Impress: tell a great story, shake hands, tie a necktie, dress for any occasion

3. To Make Do: sew a button, iron your clothes, cook eggs, build a campfire

4. To Endure: fix a flat, drive a stick shift, change the oil, jump start the car

5. To Charm: mix a drink, make a toast, know how to dance, change a diaper

Remember to give me some grace on this list, as I myself have not traversed the road to manhood. What are some unspoken rituals that you experienced or have seen the fellas in your life muddle through?

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