• Amanda Baustert

Men's Pesky Probs

There are major health problems (cardiovascular issues, prostate problems, diabetes) that get lots of attention. And then there are minor everyday health problems that get skipped over. Although they won’t hospitalize you, these annoying trifles can ruin your day.

Kidney Stones

Why: Formed when urine contains more crystal-forming substances, like calcium, than it can dilute.

Fix It: Drink more water. Consuming at least 10 glasses a day will dilute urine. Also, cutting back on salt will stop the kidneys from releasing excess calcium.

Athlete’s Foot

Why: Usually begins between the toes when feet become very sweaty and confined in tight-fitting shoes.

Fix It: Wash your feet once a day in water and tea tree oil, dry with a hairdryer, and leave shoes on when walking in public places. Use an antifungal spray on your feet and in shoes.


Why: Occurs when an organ pushes through the muscle tissue that holds it in place. Most common in abdomen, groin, and upper thigh. Causes include chronic coughing, constipation, and lifting heavy weights.

Fix It: See a hernia surgeon, changes in lifestyle and diet can help.


Why: Men don’t have breasts, so they’re more likely to take off their shirts in the sun. Most skin cancers develop on a man’s back, neck, ears, arms, and chest.

Fix It: Use your sunscreen and wear a long-sleeve UV-blocking shirt. Drop a few pounds too, because overweight men are 40% more prone to skin cancers than guys maintaining a healthy weight.

Monkey Butt

Why: Sweat in the seat of your britches caused by fabric, friction, and hot days can lead to soreness, redness, and itching. It’s like a grown-up version of diaper rash.

Fix It: Powder up your derriere with sweat-absorbing talc or invest in a pair of breathable undies developed for outdoor fanatics. Here’s some available at OKC’s Ajax Motorsports.

Mouth Cancers

Why: You’re a Marlboro Man, but chewing, dipping, smoking & ignoring the dentist appointments all increase risks for mouth cancers.

Fix It: Up the citrus. Men who eat more vitamin-C filled oranges are 30% less likely to develop precursors to oral cancer.

Herniated Disks

Why: Inflexibility and a man’s lack of curves place added pressure on straight-spine disks. Additionally, hours spent sitting at the office and playing rough sports can contribute.

Fix It: Support your spine with upright aerobic exercise, routine massages and deep stretching.

As a woman, I have my own pesky problems to deal with (boob sweat is a real thing!). I'd be interested in hearing what pesky men's problems I missed on this list.

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